The Syndicate Subsessions is a series of curated performances set that took place quarterly in partnership with The Substation.

Known for their successful club nights after two years of pushing experimental sights & sounds, Syndicate challenges it own status quo by venturing out of a club and moving into a performance space.

The collective intended to create a different environment where full focus and attention will be given to the music performance and visual content it is presenting.

This immersion will allow the performers to explore creative presentations for their music as well. For each installment, Syndicate also invitined a guest artist to perform a special set for the night.   


Subsessions Lineups:


24 March 2012



Visuals By: Brandon Tay / Rafi Dean


2 June 2012

Jon Hopkins

Max Lane ft. Masterpiece

Visuals By: Brandon Tay


25 August 2012

Aya Sekine

Sleep Easy

Visuals By: Brandon Tay


8 December 2012

Izaak Stern

Rafi Dean

Visuals By: Kiat


30 March 2013


Kiat & The Inner Galaxies (Issac Aesili, Jason Tan, Andy Yang, Vandettta)

Visuals By: Brandon Tay


1 June 2013

Pleasantry x Fauxe


Visuals By: Jun


19 October 2013



Visuals By: Brandon Tay


14 December 2013

Octover ft Kerong Chok, Andy Yang & Adam Shah

Cherry Chan ft. Natalie Soh

Visuals By: Brandon Tay