FLOW Soundtrack Out Now!

“(I)t was undeniably a KoFlow show and the gig cemented the idea that turntablism, and the hip hop culture it sprang from, has its place in the vaunted, posh confines of the Esplanade Concert Hall.”
The Straits Times Life
— http://www.straitstimes.com/lifestyle/entertainment/hip-hop-tale-of-overcoming-the-odds

FLOW is the soundtrack to a hip hop theatrical performance of the same name that sets out to tell the journey of the artist, DJ KoFlow (Wayne Liu), taking the route less travelled to become one of the top turntablist in Singapore. From boyhood troubles to representing Singapore at the DMC World DJ Championships, FLOW is a story about pain, doubt, love and the search for an idenity. The staging of the perfomance in itself is a landmark event as the artist became the first local hip hop act to headline a show at the prestigious Esplanade Concert Hall.

This soundtrack presents a selection of work that was exclusively written and produced for the show. Each song is set to mark out the various stages of DJ KoFlow’s life and crafted to reflect his influences, values and environment that have helped him to become the celebrated artist today.

Just like the performance, he has roped in the who’s who in the Singapore music scene into the studio and the list features a wide range of collaborators such as fellow hip hop artist ShiGGa Shay, powerhouse chanteuse Vandetta, pianist Audrey Teng and electronic producer/DJ Lincey.

Other than the musical collaborations, this release includes inspirational interludes taken off video interview excerpts that were screened during the performance. These interludes feature another stellar list of artists who have played instrumental roles in KoFlow’s artistic adventures. From Singapore Idol, Taufik Batisah, to globally acclaimed turntablist, DJ Shortcut, these quotes capture the ethos of KoFlow’s craft.

FLOW [Soundtrack] is the seed and core to the performance that represents the artist’s life. Even if you have missed the chance to catch the performance, this album is the next best thing to immerse yourself in the Story of KoFlow.

You can stream/purchase FLOW [Soundtrack] at:

▶  Bandcamp:  http://bit.ly/flowbandcamp  

▶ Spotify: http://bit.ly/flowspotify  

▶ iTunes: http://apple.co/2tn3BhD

▶ Juno: http://bit.ly/flowjuno