'Pulse' Music Video

Ahead of the official release date (17 June) of Kiat's sophomore album 'Ataraxia',  his first music video of the single 'Pulse'  which features Jason Tan and Cherry Chan is directed by Brandon Tay.

"Using minimal and organic elements sparingly to create a sense of space, movement and complexity" Tay's immersive and impressionistic animation "invites the viewer to project their own impressions of what's happening on screen." - Brandon Tay

Cherry Chan featured in The Fader

We’re so excited Cherry Chan is in the March edition of The Fader magazine. They’re naming it their Global Issue, featuring a list of 25 artists from around the world, spanning Ethiopia, Russia, Korea and Taiwan, amongst others.



Hit up two fresh and free tracks from Cherry that reveal what global issue is important to her, that cement the Syndicate sound on the Atlas of the Underground. 

Release Concept

1. "When I picture my future, I see nothing"
2. Refuge for Millions

Download The Release Here


"Those are not my words. They belong to Rasha, a 16-year-old Syrian refugee. It’s sad, isn’t it? All my difficulties pale in comparison with people in her situation. There’s a problem with humanity when you read statistics about millions of people forced to leave their homes, stranded with no place to go. Recently I read that in some places, women and children now account for more than half of all refugees. When you turn on the news, there’s just an avalanche of bad news. You just have to wonder what will you do as an individual? How can you contribute? I donate to a few causes, try my best to use less plastic, but I feel guilty for not doing more. It’s not easy to be living consciously in a materialistic city. We need to be kinder, and to shine brighter. Especially now, when the world feels so much darker. " - Cherry Chan

To find out more about the women of Refugee Crisis, and how you can help, visit http://www.globalfundforwomen.org/women-and-the-refugee-crisis/